For employers

Entrepreneurs who provide employment opportunities for people with mental health disorders (MHDs) are not only being socially responsible but are also eligible for different types of government support for the promotion of employment.

Subsidised Jobs for the Unemployed 

By participating in the State Employment Agency’s project “Subsidised Jobs for the Unemployed”, employers who create new jobs for the long-term unemployed, including people with MHDs, can receive grants for the salaries of these people and their supervisors, as well as consultations and support for adapting their workplace for disabled people. If necessary, employees with MHDs can receive ergotherapy, a sign language interpreter and support worker services, as well as compensation of rental costs for living quarters or accommodation in dorms.

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A Chance to Train the Necessary Specialist

By participating in the State Employment Agency’s project “Support for the Education of the Unemployed”, employers can receive support for training a person with an MHD for a specific job at their workplace. For six months, the company can receive a monthly grant for the salary of the employee with an MHD and their supervisor and a one-off grant for purchasing personal protective equipment and adapting their workplace for the needs of the disabled employee. The mandatory medical examination is also covered.

Associations and foundations that train support specialists for disabled people within the project can also receive a grant for making the mandatory social insurance contributions from the grant portion of the salary.

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Support for Social Entrepreneurship 

Social enterprises that increase the employment opportunities for people with MHDs can request financial support from the ALTUM development finance institution. To apply for financial support, the company must have the status of a social enterprise and be registered in the Register of Social Enterprises.

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